Access to Care -Screening & Admissions

Access to Recovery and Recovery Support Services

Activities for Clients

Advance Health Care Directive

Audio and Videotaping of Clinical Practice

Client Discharge and Transfer

Client Groups

Client Rights

Client  Transition

Clinical Productivity and Incentive

Clinical Programs and Services

Denial of Services

Direct Care Standards

Documentation Standards and Timeframes

Drug Testing of Clients

Emergency Services

Healthy Living

Infection Control

Inpatient Psychiatric Services

Involuntary Commitment Procedures


Non-Client Court or Allied Agencies Evaluation Requests

Non-Client Group Services


Offsite Safety

Outcome Driven Planning

Peer Review

Preferred Practice Guidelines

Quality Improvement Policy and Plan

Rapid Access to Medical Care 

Reporting of Incidents & Crisis Situations

Research  by Staff and Others

Service Authorization - SBHC Providers

Service Authorization - Subcontracted Providers

Services Provided to County Jails

Speech and/or Hearing Impaired & Preferred Language Svcs

Staff Development

Treatment of Staff and Family Members

Utah State Hospital (USH) Continuity of Care

Zero Suicide Initiative